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Salma Hayek is still as hot today as she ever has been

25th November 17:33
Some people age more gracefully than others and Salma Hayek is definitely one of them

Kate Beckinsale keeps up a cheery appearance

25th November 15:06
Kate Beckinsale has been putting on a brave face following the divorce from her husband Len Wiseman

Robin Tunney nuptial news

25th November 13:16
Robin Tunney, the brilliant actress known for her work on the hit television series Prison Break as well as on such films as Hollywoodland, The Zodiac and The Craft, is no stranger to walking down the aisle.
25th November 12:04
Jaime Alexander has quickly become a leading lady to love thanks to her new show, Blindspot.
24th November 19:54
Actress Marisa Ramirez has been performing for a little over 15 years.
24th November 16:25
The recently released trailer for The Huntsman: Winter's War features Emily Blunt as the Ice Queen.
24th November 14:53
Rumors have been circulating over the course of the last week about the latest developments in the love life of Kaley Cuoco, who is now the highest paid actress in the world.
24th November 13:06
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett sing Baby, It's Cold Outside in the new Barnes & Noble television advertisement.
24th November 11:51
Christmas is fast approaching, and tis' the season for warm clothing, ugly christmas sweaters, and christmas onesies.
23rd November 21:06
Fans of House are all too familiar with Jesse Spencer.
23rd November 20:00
Reviews for David Duchovny's debut folk album Hell or Highwater have been favorable, praising his low-key entry into the musical arena.
23rd November 17:27
Although only in her twenties, Alexa Vega has had a successful acting and singing career for many years.
23rd November 15:40
Caroline Flack is at the height of her career as the top female television presenter in Britain.
23rd November 13:19
The young actress who became famous as a Cosby kid has grown into a Hollywood fashion icon.
23rd November 12:02
Adrienne Bailon, co-host on the talk show The Real, has been staying busy and keeping it real.
19th November 20:10
Gia Coppola's latest film is a short about the theory that any two people can fall in love by answering 36 questions.
19th November 19:10
David Beckham won English hearts all over again in the UNICEF Match For Children charity event Saturday November 14th, making a triumphant return to the Manchester stadium where he made his name.
19th November 16:36
Hilary Swank is scaling back on her film schedule to look after her ailing father.
19th November 15:22
The beautiful and talented Madalina Ghenea has turned her modeling career into a film career in a few short years.
19th November 13:28
Irina Shayk is a Russian model that is on the rise.
18th November 19:16
Simone Villas Boas is a Brazilian bombshell whose career is starting to heat up.
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